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February’s Best: Soundcloud submissions *McWorm, NovA, Slusive

March 4th, 2011 by | Alternative/Indie, Dance, Hip-Hop/Rap, Remix, Rock, Soundcloud's Best |

This post is the best submissions we got in the month of February. I already got a few good submissions from March and before I forget, it’s time to give my top 3 February soundcloud submissions a shout out.

First is McWorm aka Cisco Robinson who has the most interesting story. In 2007 he was working for Barack Obama and got a job in the White House when Obama got elected President. Becoming one of the youngest White House employees at age 22, he wanted to pursue one of his other dreams. Two years later at 24, he decided he wanted to pursue a music career.

Below is my favorite original track from Cisco Robinson’s band, The McWorms, called “Keep The Peace”. It’s got some Obama speech samples which is cool and overall has an chill alternative rock feel with a side order of hip-hop. Want more McWorm, follow him on facebook.

NovA is a Philadelphia based hip-hop artist. He released his debut album, “The New Black” in early February and his manager sent me his single, “All My Love”. I really like the laid back instrumentals, the rapping stands out and is solid. Like NovA, follow him on facebook.

Slusive sent us the best remix submission we have ever gotten on soundcloud. The London-based artist adds some nice beats to “Coming Home” by Diddy Dirty Money turning it into more of a dance track. Check out more Slusive music on soundcloud

Read more to listen and download a few other soundcloud submissions that I felt are honorable mentions in the post. (more…)

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