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Review: The Ranch Party *epic music benefit party!

March 5th, 2013 by | Concert/Festival Review |

First of all, The Ranch Party was awesome even though most of what I remember was being stuck in over an hour of traffic to check-in, the school bus ride that took us to and from the festival and how many people were camping out was ridiculous! Overall I had a great time and below I will recap most of what I remember at The Ranch Party which includes reviews of The Record CompanyNeo Fresco, Terraplane SunMansions on the Moon, and Kisses. (more…)

Guide to an epic live music benefit party, The Ranch

February 25th, 2013 by | Alternative/Indie, Daily Mix, Electronic Dance Music, Mixtape Monday, Pop, Remix, Rock |

The Ranch is an epic live music benefit party, nestled in the Santa Monica Mountains of Los Angeles. In the spirit of the music scenes that came together in LA’s canyons, The Ranch Party allows you to come camp out at the top of Mulholland Drive for a full day & night of LA bands, Artists, DJs, food and drinks. The one-day festival takes place Saturday, music starting at 2pm and goes through the whole night with many emerging acts we are big fans. I’m most looking forward to seeing The Internet (of OFWGKTA), Mansions On The Moon, the drummer from Miami Horror (Good Night Keaton), Tropicool and Zak Waters.

For more details on the event, RSVP on facebook and visit It’s the best value concert coming up in LA as you can enjoy over 20 musicians in an all-day and night event for as little as $40 ($50 if you decide you want to camp out).

Here’s a 10-track playlist of the songs I can’t wait to hear live at The Ranch.

The playlist above doesn’t even include the chill summer vibes I expect Tropicool to spin, the electro house from Bones, and the trap from Neo Fresco.

Click read more to find out how you attending The Ranch Party benefits the youth community of LA! (more…)

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