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Video: Taylor Berrett & The Wild Cover The Black Keys

February 3rd, 2012 by | Music Video, Rock |

With the extensive accessibility of the internet, it isn’t surprising that not even two months passes before tracks from The Black Keys latest album El Camino are covered.  Lucky for us, there is talent beyond the mainstream and frankly, it ain’t so bad.

Taylor Berrett‘s style walks a line between John Mayor and Justin Timberlake circa bringing sexy back. This characteristic bodes well for his cover of “Lonely Boy,” however, his staccato and raspy style are a regular trait for the indie/blues rock genre The Black Keys fall into.

New Zealand’s rap-rock trio, The Wild, capture the intimacy and emotion of “Little Black Submarines” that fits the general bluesy demeanor of the original. They don’t go so far as to imitate the Dan Auerbach’s rocking guitar solo but this decision gives their rendition more strength in the tracks’ delicacy. Stream and download below!

Watch the two Black Keys video covers below!

Best You Never Heard II: Fall/Winter edition

December 30th, 2010 by | Alternative/Indie, Before Bigs Exclusive, Daily Mix, Dance, Hip-Hop/Rap, Mashup, Pop, R&B, Remix, Rock |

It’s that time of the year where we would like to give back. Sometimes I feel we don’t give back to our readers enough and we are working to fix that in 2011. Until then, here’s a mixtape we created.

It’s called Best You Never Heard II, which is a mixtape showcasing some of the best up-and-coming talent in music from the last several months. It’s a collection of 20 songs of mostly hip-hop with a little bit of rock, pop, R&B and mashups/remixes (much like our site’s content).

Listen to the mixtape below, and download through mediafire.

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Let us know of your favorite song(s) and if you like the songs on this mixtape, check out our Summer mix of the Best You Never Heard.

The Wild – Phoenix

December 29th, 2010 by | Alternative/Indie, Hip-Hop/Rap, Rock |

Similar to “Revolution”, once again The Wild demonstrate their talent with their newest track, “Phoenix”. I have always had a huge liking towards hip-hop bands from The Roots to today with The Wild and many others. Keep an eye out for the New Zealand hip-hop band.

Here’s a little something from The Wild:
As any band or artist will say we hope to bring something new to music and the industry from unique instrumentation to vivid lyrics. We just hope to bring a certain quality to everything we do and make a sound that we’re proud of.

The Wild – Full Circle

December 12th, 2010 by | Alternative/Indie, Hip-Hop/Rap |

Shouts to P&P for first discovering this New Zealand alternative hip-hop band. The Wild are a group to watch out for in 2011 and beyond and this track further supports that statement.

The song below, “Full Circle”, samples Pictureplane’s “Cyclical Cyclical” and has more of an indie sound than their last track, “Revolution“.

The Wild – Revolution

November 21st, 2010 by | Alternative/Indie, Hip-Hop/Rap |

Shouts to P&P for discovering this New Zealand hip-hop/alternative rock band. Some of my favorite songs are the ones I can’t quite stick in a genre, which is exactly what The Wild is.

It’s perfect the song is called “Revolution” as there is a revolution or shift in the music industry in the ’00s and continuing even further into this decade towards genre-blending music.

Check The Wild out on facebook. Enjoy!

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