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Hidden Gem: Jordan Mackampa – “Battlecry” *thoughtful folk-pop

April 27th, 2017 by | Alternative/Indie, Hidden Gem, Pop |

After hearing “Battlecry” and “Saint” and the songs from his Physics EP, I’ve become a huge fan of Jordan Mackampa and am happy to share his music!

He’s got this unique gospel-tinged vocal that is mesmerizing and he pairs that with soulful folk-pop instrumentation, and delivers a track in “Battlecry” that is motivating and I could see it getting licensed on a ton of media (commercials, TV shows, films, etc.). I love the handclapping instrumentals that move along as Jordan Mackampa delivers his soulful voice.

Hidden Gem: Empdy

January 11th, 2011 by | Hidden Gem, House |

I first heard of empdy from an email I received a few days ago. He is an electronic DJ from the United Kingdom and I have loved what I have heard. His songs bring a lot of diverse, fast paced instrumentals different from what we normally hear out of DJ’s and he sings a little on top of it. My three favorite by him are “Let Me In”, “Have Fun” (featuring Felman & China Fox), and “Good Bye” (featuring Ben Levin) off his recent album, Everybody Gets Down In the End.

Buy Everybody Gets Down In the End, album (name your price which can be set at $0).

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