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An Incredible Weekend at Coachella (Day 2: Saturday)

April 17th, 2012 by | Concert/Festival Review, Electronic Dance Music, Hip-Hop/Rap |

(Pictured above: Childish Gambino; Main Stage; Coachella)

Day 2 of Coachella immediately got off with a bang. Read my review below. (more…)

Soundcloud’s best: July *Bassanova & Moradzo, Chaz Kangas, Easy Does It and more!

August 1st, 2011 by | Before Bigs Exclusive, Chill/Jam/Reggae, Dance, Hip-Hop/Rap, House, Mashup, Soundcloud's Best |

Here’s our best submissions from the month of July. Once again we are so happy to get even more diversity in sound and we wanted to give you some of that diverse sound from dance/electronic to hip-hop/rap, here’s our five best soundcloud submissions from the month of July.

Chill-hop/hip-pop music group Easy Does It has a relaxing sound. These guys got serious talent and don’t be surprised to hear more of their music on here. Follow Easy Does It: facebook
Feelin’ Like Ooh by Easy Does It

I generally hate posting music that you guys can’t download for free but this song is a hit! Might not be a smash hit in USA but it should be a hit in Holland, where the producers of the song are from and in Jamaica, where the lead vocalist is from. Get down to some electro-reggae with “Like A Star“! Follow Bassanova & Moradzo: facebook
Like A Star – Bassanova & Moradzo ft Calibe (BM XMix)

Here’s three more submissions we think are the best we got in July. (more…)

Party remixes *The Killers, Joker, Usher, Nicki Minaj, Bee Gees

May 5th, 2011 by | Dance, Remix |

Because it’s Cinco de Mayo aka Drinko de Mayo for the kids who are going to rage tonight, here’s five remixes that you can bump when your partying.

First comes a remix from MADEON on The Killers “Smile Like You Mean It”. I used to be a big fan of The Killers then lead singer Brandon Flowers decided to go solo, and The Killers got kind of crappy. However MADEON does a banging remix to one of the best Killers songs.

Here’s an electro/hip-hop type remix. The original is from Joker and then The Rap Pack decided to remix it with some hip-hop. I love the beat, the rapping only adds to the dope quality, overall real interesting catchy remix.
Joker – Do It (The Rap Pack Remix)
Next is my favorite song of 2009, Usher‘s “Love In This Club” remixed by MSTRKRFT. I love how much more complex the instrumentals become with MSTRKRFT’s additions to the song, really making it a little more special. Must Download!
Usher – Love In This Club (MSTRKRFT Remix)
DJ Kue is at it again with his dance remix to “Moment 4 Life”. I like DJ Kue because he’s really good at making songs you can just hear all over dance clubs… I guess he makes straight bangers!

Teddybears stepped in and decided to remix one of the greatest disco songs from the Bee Gees. I think they did a great job making this new beat to the song and making it more contemporary. However, I will always enjoy the original more, even though this is real catchy.
Bee Gees – Stayin’ Alive (Teddybears Remix)

Mashup Monday: Hood Internet update *5 new tracks

January 24th, 2011 by | Mashup, Mashup Monday |

I can’t pick favorites with mashup artists because they all have mashups I like & dislike. However, with The Hood Internet, there are very few mashups to dislike and they have made over 400!

Here’s an update with the five best mashups from The Hood Internet in the last month.
Go Hahahaha (Das Racist x Cults)
Runawayfully (Kanye West x Journey)
Frankenpapers (Usher x Tokyo Police Club)
Your Santeria (Sublime x Nicki Minaj)
Just Wanna Dance Yrself Clean (Jay-Z x LCD Soundsystem)

Check out The Hood Internet’s website for all their tracks and the latest news on them.

Mochi Beats – Goodnight E.P. (mashup album)

January 20th, 2011 by | Mashup |

Shout out to two of my favorite blogs, Sunset in the Rearview and Briding The Verse, for putting together this project with Mochi Beats. I was going to post this for mashup monday but Evan beat me to it with the latest 5 & A Dime mashup.

Nonetheless, I knew I had to post Mochi Beats’ latest project release, Goodnight E.P. (Download). Here are three of my favorite mashups from the Goodnight E.P.
DJ Got Us Sexy Bitch (Usher + David Guetta + Glee + Akon)
Money to Brightside (Lil Wayne + The Killers + Drake + Thin White Duke)
Imagine a G6 (Glee + Beatles + David Guetta + Far East Movement + The Cataracs)

Hot Tottie Remix – Daily Mash

November 4th, 2010 by | Mashup, Remix |

Kinetics & One Love did a remix/mashup to Usher’s Hot Tottie.

Hot Tottie (Remix Feat. Kinetics & One Love & Jay-Z)

More of a remix than mashup, with the mashup part’s most evident in the intro and outro.

Found the song courtesy GMAD.

Daily Mash – Oh My Kids

October 23rd, 2010 by | Mashup |

Usher vs indie hard-rockers Sleigh Bells. I like it’s not just straight rock song with the Pop/R&B song by Usher, some good mixing in it, to make for a really good remix/mashup by ABX of The Hood Internet.
The Hood Internet – Oh My Kids (Usher x Sleigh Bells) by hoodinternet
I know I posted another mashup by ABX yesterday, but this one is also really good.

Mashup of the Day – “Yeah In The Sun”

September 22nd, 2010 by | Mashup |

For today’s daily masher I bring you a mashup between Usher and Weezer. It’s uses Weezer’s “Island In The Sun” instrumentals and some chorus and Ushers “Yeah” vocals. It’s a bonus song off Jay-Zeezer’s The Black & Blue Album, which are mashups between Jay-Z and Weezer.

Why am I bringing you this track today. Because both Weezer and Usher released albums this year. Weezer released Hurley in September 2010 and Usher released Raymond v. Raymond in March and Versus in August. They each took almost a year long haitus from making music and both are having comeback years in genre’s they have thrived in.

At the bottom, download the whole album from Jay-Zeezer which includes two other great favorites “Surf Wax Off Your Shoulder” and “My 1st Song’s Name Is Jonas”.

Listen and download “Yeah In The Sun”.  Yeah In The Sun (Usher vs. Weezer) – Jay Zeezer
Download The Black & Blue Album

New Usher

July 27th, 2010 by | Pop, R&B |

I don’t know how to explain what Usher has been doing but I really don’t like it. He went from songs like “Confessions” and “Caught Up” to “Yeah” and “Love in This Club”, but I really hate the songs he has released lately, especially almost every song off his latest album, Raymond v Raymond. Maybe my expectations were raised after “Love in this Club” was released but seriously Usher, can you get back to using your great vocals and smoothness rather than songs like “OMG” and “Hey Daddy (Daddy’s Home)”.

Below is a song which leaked today called “Hot Toddy” (I know it sounds like another over played song like “OMG”) which features my favorite rapper, Jay-Z and I think is better than the Usher songs currently getting overplayed on the radio. As a bonus track I uploaded “Red Light” an underrated song off his Confessions album as a bonus track.

Update: If the track can’t be played off the blog, then just click the song’s title.  Usher feat. Jay-Z & Ester Dean – Hot Toddy (CDQ) by dontstopthedope  Usher – Red Light by BeforeTheBigs

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